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Monday, July 30, 2012

Latest Experiment

Myrna Wacknov mentioned making unique papers using Citrasolv (a degreaser made from orange peel oil) and National Geographic Magazine pages.  You can spray, splatter or paint the Citrasolv onto the pretty pages of the magazine, close the magazine, mop off excess ink that oozes out, and let it sit 10 to 25 minutes. Then peek to see how the process is working.  If you have some spreading of the ink in unique designs, tear out the page and set on newspaper to dry.  After it dries, you find pretty areas and paint around an item such as this pear, as collage paper, or you can use it as an under-painting.  If you google art with Citrasolv, you will find lots of neat ideas.  Have at it.

Citrasolv Pear

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  1. That's pretty neat! I have read and heard about it but have never tried it.....