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Friday, December 21, 2012

Progression of Moon Rocks

This piece was inspired by lava rocks we saw in Hawaii.  They give great abstract designs.  I coated the paper with black gesso tinted with Thalo blue fluid acrylic.  When dry, I added diluted white gesso, covering it with various types of plastic, and wax paper.  I worked one element at a time. Some areas, I simply spritzed some alcohol onto the semi dry paint and watched what happened.  When dry, I went over with thinned fluid acrylics in gold, thalo blue, red iron oxide, and some ultramarine blue.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Moon Rocks Diptych
Then I set it on the mantle a while and decided it needed some symbols or lines.  I cut out my designs using sticky back foam, like the kids use for art projects.

After sitting long enough to find the orange foam too garish, I decided to follow the patterns and use copper paint, and paint skins to unite the rocks.  I cut it into two pieces and am going to present it as a diptych.
Right now, I feel like moon rocks fits for a title.
This is the reference photo I used  for my inspiration.  Lava from the Big Island of Hawaii

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